Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Survived first day of university

First day of this semester over! I can't say that it was very demanding, I went to two classes and most of the information revolved around the layout of our new modules and how we will be assessed. Although one of our lecturers did manage to squeeze in about 40 minutes on nerve cells. It was very interesting but I can already see it being one of those modules in which you really have to focus if you want to understand anything. This is the module "Biological Psychology". The second module is "Social Psychology and Individual Differences", which I haven't quite understood yet. It seems like it's going to be quite different from our previous modules and I don't know whether I like it or not yet. All in all, it's nice to be back. 

After class I had a few errands at the bank and in city centre. Apart from getting myself a denim skirt (yes, a denim skirt. It suddenly hit me that I would like one. The 90s are back?) I also picked out a few small token gifts which I put in a box, to make for a nice little birthday gift. One of my friends is turning 21 years this week and I'm invited to her birthday dinner on Saturday. The good thing about this friend is that she is easy to buy gifts for. (Another good thing is that she doesn't know about this blog!) I also bought a Valentine's day card for Steve. We were discussing our plans for the 14th earlier tonight and I honestly don't know what to do. Because Steve is on a diet (and so indirectly, so am I), we can't go out and eat. There's not enough money between us to do something unusually fancy and so we're considering just making a healthy but nice meal at home and then going to the cinema. Steve suggested that it'll be romantic to go to the cinema on Valentine's day, as if we just entered the teenage years and it's our first date. He is right, it is nicer to think about it that way rather than "we can't afford anything better". 

The rest of the plans for tonight are to watch another episode of Twin Peaks and then go to bed. I would like to at least try to make an effort and get myself a better sleeping pattern then I currently have. Tomorrow I have classes and then I have a meeting in the library to attend to. I. Loathe. Group. Projects. 

Monday, 30 January 2012

Pinning home decor

So lately I've noticed that my taste in interior style has changed. I used to be all about having everything completely white. And I do still love white, I bet I always will. But slowly I notice a bit of "fun" sneaking its way into my surroundings. I love the idea of having a very modern kitchen with something slightly unexpected. Like a striped floor. Or a colourful, vintage teaset. (I don't even have a teaset, what kind of a person am I?!) I am also completely in love with the zigzag-pattern on the duvet, which happens to be from Urban Outfitters. It also happens to be far too expensive for me. Here's the last five images I pinned in my "my dream-home" category on Pinterest.

The pictures are from:
3. Couldn't find the source, Pinterest just says "uploaded by user".
4. www.urbanoutfitters.com

Sunday, 29 January 2012

About my brief trip to Derry.

I decided to take a break from blogging last night when I arrived back in Belfast. It was not that I didn't want to, I was just physically too tired to do anything but stare out in the open air. Derry/Londonderry was great and I had such a good time. I always knew I would, I know my friend and I know that the people that she hangs about with are just as open and friendly to strangers as she is. Although I didn't drink enough to ever feel properly drunk, I did manage to get quite a few drinks in me over the night. That's what happens when you start partying at 7pm and end at 7am. The fact that I only slept four hours also shattered me. 

I didn't take a single picture of Derry. I forgot my camera in my travelling bag when we went out, and the following day I spent my last hours half-lying in a couch, before taking a taxi to the bus station. In other words, I didn't get to see anything that would've been worth taking a picture of anyway. My Derry-friend now tells me I should visit for an entire weekend, and so we could go visit "the wall". The wall surrounds the inner city of Derry (which has looked exactly the same for a couple of centuries I think) and you can take a walk on it, which apparently gives you a great view. It sounds just like the kind of thing I would love to do but I was honestly just too hungover to even consider the idea this Saturday. I'd be very keen on spending an entire weekend in Derry but I don't think I'd survive two nights of partying the way they do. 

Generally the natives of Derry tell me the city is "a shithole" (direct quotation from about four friends) and that there's no point in visiting it but I genuinely liked the city. I got the feeling that it's very "hilly", or at least it felt that way when we were walking through it at 3am. The streets are quite narrow and overall it looks more like the back-alleys in north of Dublin than Belfast. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on what you think of Dublin. I'm not too fond of Dublin anymore because of it's crowds but it is still a beautiful city, and Derry gives you a similar feeling. It also helps that it's small enough to be cozy but it's still a city with all that a bigger place offers. For any Swedes from Scania - I think it's approximately the same size as Lund. 

Anyone I met was really friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I didn't hear of a single bombscare during my visit and I felt relatively safe the entire time. Does Derry have an unjustified bad reputation? I think so. Real bombs do occur there very often and it is such a shame. 

Friday, 27 January 2012

Leaving for Derry

Leaving for Derry/Londonderry now. Very excited and so this blog post will have to be short and sweet (and filled with excitement). I will try to take pictures of the city when I'm over but somehow I doubt that I'll get to see much. Unfortunately it's only for a night.

Goodbye Belfast.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pinning food

So one of my absolute favourite things to do when I should be doing lots of other things is to pin.

Pinning is done through pinterest.com (which has everything) and the point is to "pin" images that you like, whether it's interior design, fashion, recipes or anything else. I'm addicted to this concept. In fact, I even have a categoriy especially for wedding images - just in case I need inspiration in four or five years when it's my turn! (Yes, I have it all planned out.) I also have a category for wrapping presents, fashion (although not much), and details that I'd like to remember for decorating my own home. Pinterest is also excellent for crafting, if you're a crafty person. If you're like me, impatient, hasty and clumsy, you should probably just look at the pictures and sigh.

Today I made a category for food that I'd like to make if I wasn't on a diet. To be perfectly honest, I probably couldn't make most of the stuff even if I wanted to.

As you can see there is no such thing as pinning healthy food in my world. 

The pictures are from the following websites:

Filthy's and drunken marriages

This day cannot be described as anything but slow. Woke up at 2pm (actually, woke up at 9am because the fire alarm went off. Met a number of disgruntled neighbours in the process) and have not done anything more productive than walking to Tesco since.

Yesterday was a completely different story.

Managed to squeeze in an unsuccessful trip to Lurgan (which means that I have to return at some point next week or so) and a thorough session of cleaning in one day. Our flat has never looked so nice and continued being that nice for around two hours. There's now black footprints, red wine (or is it blackcurrant and vodka?) and various other marks all over our floor. But it's worth it for a good night.

Friends that I used to live with in the dorm here in Belfast came over to the flat for pre-drinking and catching up. A lovely thing about living in the university area is that you're really never more than about a five minutes walk away from friends. Although sometimes I miss seeing them everyday the way we used to see each other in the dorm. Not that Steve is not an excellent roomie, he is just as funny and kind and possibly even more clean than they are(!). It's more difficult than ever to actually organising a proper gathering and so it happened that out of the original seven people who were meeting up, two dropped out. Steve joined us instead (not that he had much of a choice - we were sitting in his living room) and we ended up having lots of fun anyway.

Around eleven at night we went on to Filthy McNasty and enjoyed drinking while feeling outdoorsy. For anyone that hasn't been to this pub; you're missing out. Filthy looks like a small, standard pub when you enter it but at the back there's doors leading out to a big backyard. On this backyard there's lots of tables and in a corner there's a roof as well, with heating! Roof when you're outdoors is nothing short of a necessity when you live in Belfast because of the lovely rainy weather. On the tables are giant cages (not the creepy kind, but the old-timey bird cage type) with candles in them. It gives it a very homey feeling and now I wish I had taken pictures of the actual surroundings instead of  pictures of my drunken friends.

One of my friends managed to drink a little bit too much. This is generally not a problem. In fact, sometimes I think that the drunken-out-of-control-role is on a rota and so it always happens to at least one in the group. It is a problem when the person has a license to marry people though. Much of the night was spent interrupting possible marriages. I'm not saying it's a bad way to spend the night but I do think marrying a person to a bench is wrong in many ways. When Filthy closed we went back to my flat and I didn't even realise the time reaching 4am. I'd say it's a sign of a good night. It's punishing me today however, I couldn't be more tired and worn-out.

Time to make a substantial hangover-meal - chicken curry. Hopefully with the help of someone else.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Greasy, dirty, dirty days...

Today has been one of those days that doesn't turn out quite the way it should. I was planning on getting a huge amount of things done and I only managed to do two of those things. One and a half.

Half-way through the day I realised that there is no point in even trying to keep the appearances up on a day like this and so I decided to put my hair in a bun at the top of my head and then I pulled on everything that is comfy and therefore also gross. So todays outfit is a pair of white jogging bottoms (a gift from Steve's mom at some point), a mismatching t-shirt and knee-socks on top of this (because my shins were cold). No make-up, no smiles, just a stern face while facing the growing mountain of dishes that needed to be cleaned. (And they got cleaned too!)

I also managed to get an e-mail sent off. And I started this blog, which is an achievement of some sort I suppose.  Tomorrow I'm getting up at eight to turn the washing machine on and this is followed by a hectic day. So hectic that I dare say no blogging will occur. I need to take a trip to Lurgan and in the evening I'm having a group of people over for drinks before we go on. Hence the early laundry-washing, I have absolutely nothing to wear. I also have a nearly-spontaneous trip planned to Derry/Londonderry on Friday to visit one of my friends there. Derry is at the opposite end of Northern Ireland, the opposite end of the country one might say! This still only means it takes about 90 minutes to get there by bus. NI is tiny, one might also say. More about this place and how small it really is on Thursday I suppose.

Time to sleep. Goodnight devoted readers.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A brief explanation on how this blog started

The creation of this blog is inspired by a bunch of things:

First and foremost, my childhood friend in Sweden who (just like me) created a bunch of blogs during a long period of time. But whilst I failed in my attempts to post regularly after 2009, she continued. And I'm jealous. In four years I would like to have a blog to look back at so that I know what was really going on in my life when I was 21. 

Secondly, I have had three blogs in total. The first one lasted for a good few years, the second one for four months or so and the third was so secret that even I forgot about it. Inspired by a blog I found last night, I swear that this shall be the last blog I ever create. If I fail to update this one regularly, then it's clear that blogs aren't my thing. This is my last chance. The final blog.

Thirdly, it is my ambition to write this blog and eventually show it to my family. This involves describing my life enough to paint a vivid image to the reader, but also limiting the information that I give out so that possible relatives can skim through it without fainting etc. The issue with living abroad is that your parents haven't got a clue on what you're up to most of the time. This would be a nice way of informing them (without spilling my guts over facebook.)

I won't show my blog to anyone until I have a couple of posts, unless I can't restrain myself from telling people, but when I do show you this blog, I expect comments. Successful bloggers tell me that's the way to keep motivated. 

That is all for now.