Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A brief explanation on how this blog started

The creation of this blog is inspired by a bunch of things:

First and foremost, my childhood friend in Sweden who (just like me) created a bunch of blogs during a long period of time. But whilst I failed in my attempts to post regularly after 2009, she continued. And I'm jealous. In four years I would like to have a blog to look back at so that I know what was really going on in my life when I was 21. 

Secondly, I have had three blogs in total. The first one lasted for a good few years, the second one for four months or so and the third was so secret that even I forgot about it. Inspired by a blog I found last night, I swear that this shall be the last blog I ever create. If I fail to update this one regularly, then it's clear that blogs aren't my thing. This is my last chance. The final blog.

Thirdly, it is my ambition to write this blog and eventually show it to my family. This involves describing my life enough to paint a vivid image to the reader, but also limiting the information that I give out so that possible relatives can skim through it without fainting etc. The issue with living abroad is that your parents haven't got a clue on what you're up to most of the time. This would be a nice way of informing them (without spilling my guts over facebook.)

I won't show my blog to anyone until I have a couple of posts, unless I can't restrain myself from telling people, but when I do show you this blog, I expect comments. Successful bloggers tell me that's the way to keep motivated. 

That is all for now. 

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