Thursday, 26 January 2012

Filthy's and drunken marriages

This day cannot be described as anything but slow. Woke up at 2pm (actually, woke up at 9am because the fire alarm went off. Met a number of disgruntled neighbours in the process) and have not done anything more productive than walking to Tesco since.

Yesterday was a completely different story.

Managed to squeeze in an unsuccessful trip to Lurgan (which means that I have to return at some point next week or so) and a thorough session of cleaning in one day. Our flat has never looked so nice and continued being that nice for around two hours. There's now black footprints, red wine (or is it blackcurrant and vodka?) and various other marks all over our floor. But it's worth it for a good night.

Friends that I used to live with in the dorm here in Belfast came over to the flat for pre-drinking and catching up. A lovely thing about living in the university area is that you're really never more than about a five minutes walk away from friends. Although sometimes I miss seeing them everyday the way we used to see each other in the dorm. Not that Steve is not an excellent roomie, he is just as funny and kind and possibly even more clean than they are(!). It's more difficult than ever to actually organising a proper gathering and so it happened that out of the original seven people who were meeting up, two dropped out. Steve joined us instead (not that he had much of a choice - we were sitting in his living room) and we ended up having lots of fun anyway.

Around eleven at night we went on to Filthy McNasty and enjoyed drinking while feeling outdoorsy. For anyone that hasn't been to this pub; you're missing out. Filthy looks like a small, standard pub when you enter it but at the back there's doors leading out to a big backyard. On this backyard there's lots of tables and in a corner there's a roof as well, with heating! Roof when you're outdoors is nothing short of a necessity when you live in Belfast because of the lovely rainy weather. On the tables are giant cages (not the creepy kind, but the old-timey bird cage type) with candles in them. It gives it a very homey feeling and now I wish I had taken pictures of the actual surroundings instead of  pictures of my drunken friends.

One of my friends managed to drink a little bit too much. This is generally not a problem. In fact, sometimes I think that the drunken-out-of-control-role is on a rota and so it always happens to at least one in the group. It is a problem when the person has a license to marry people though. Much of the night was spent interrupting possible marriages. I'm not saying it's a bad way to spend the night but I do think marrying a person to a bench is wrong in many ways. When Filthy closed we went back to my flat and I didn't even realise the time reaching 4am. I'd say it's a sign of a good night. It's punishing me today however, I couldn't be more tired and worn-out.

Time to make a substantial hangover-meal - chicken curry. Hopefully with the help of someone else.

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