Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pinning food

So one of my absolute favourite things to do when I should be doing lots of other things is to pin.

Pinning is done through (which has everything) and the point is to "pin" images that you like, whether it's interior design, fashion, recipes or anything else. I'm addicted to this concept. In fact, I even have a categoriy especially for wedding images - just in case I need inspiration in four or five years when it's my turn! (Yes, I have it all planned out.) I also have a category for wrapping presents, fashion (although not much), and details that I'd like to remember for decorating my own home. Pinterest is also excellent for crafting, if you're a crafty person. If you're like me, impatient, hasty and clumsy, you should probably just look at the pictures and sigh.

Today I made a category for food that I'd like to make if I wasn't on a diet. To be perfectly honest, I probably couldn't make most of the stuff even if I wanted to.

As you can see there is no such thing as pinning healthy food in my world. 

The pictures are from the following websites:

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