Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Survived first day of university

First day of this semester over! I can't say that it was very demanding, I went to two classes and most of the information revolved around the layout of our new modules and how we will be assessed. Although one of our lecturers did manage to squeeze in about 40 minutes on nerve cells. It was very interesting but I can already see it being one of those modules in which you really have to focus if you want to understand anything. This is the module "Biological Psychology". The second module is "Social Psychology and Individual Differences", which I haven't quite understood yet. It seems like it's going to be quite different from our previous modules and I don't know whether I like it or not yet. All in all, it's nice to be back. 

After class I had a few errands at the bank and in city centre. Apart from getting myself a denim skirt (yes, a denim skirt. It suddenly hit me that I would like one. The 90s are back?) I also picked out a few small token gifts which I put in a box, to make for a nice little birthday gift. One of my friends is turning 21 years this week and I'm invited to her birthday dinner on Saturday. The good thing about this friend is that she is easy to buy gifts for. (Another good thing is that she doesn't know about this blog!) I also bought a Valentine's day card for Steve. We were discussing our plans for the 14th earlier tonight and I honestly don't know what to do. Because Steve is on a diet (and so indirectly, so am I), we can't go out and eat. There's not enough money between us to do something unusually fancy and so we're considering just making a healthy but nice meal at home and then going to the cinema. Steve suggested that it'll be romantic to go to the cinema on Valentine's day, as if we just entered the teenage years and it's our first date. He is right, it is nicer to think about it that way rather than "we can't afford anything better". 

The rest of the plans for tonight are to watch another episode of Twin Peaks and then go to bed. I would like to at least try to make an effort and get myself a better sleeping pattern then I currently have. Tomorrow I have classes and then I have a meeting in the library to attend to. I. Loathe. Group. Projects. 

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