Thursday, 16 February 2012

About Eternal Law

So the other day when I made a list of TV-shows that I watch I completely forgot to mention Eternal Law. Eternal Law is a TV-show that just finished airing on ITV and I watched the last episode tonight. I originally heard about the show on This Morning (yes, I occasionally have been known to put on This Morning while I'm having breakfast) and decided that the concept sounded interesting.

Eternal Law is about angels who come down to Earth to help people, more specifically to help as lawyers. Somewhere around here people will shake their head and say that a show couldn't possibly sound more crap. But I think it's a story with potential. The show follows two angels, Mr Gist and a newbie, Tom, as well as Mrs Sheringham who acts as their guide. (With a "dark" secret - predictable from the first episode). The show is quite funny at times, there is plenty of blasphemous jokes to be made and the characters are not bad at all. 

The disadvantage of Eternal Law is its' predictability. In every episode there is a case that needs to be solved and I found that I knew exactly what would happen within the first fifteen minutes. There is also a few of the actors/actresses that are simply not up to scratch. Others are very good though. Steve could not stop making fun of me for watching the show when I told him about it, but a few episodes in he was looking forward to watch the next one. And now that I watched the last episode I found myself looking forward to a second season. (If there is one.)

Overall this is a decent show to watch if there's nothing better to do. It won't change your live. But it's great to watch while you do your ironing. 

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