Friday, 10 February 2012

About good TV

I was always the type of person who watched a lot of movies but very little TV. Until I moved over here. Firstly, there is a lot of good TV being broadcasted although it's mainly comedy shows. Secondly, Steve is an expert at finding good shows and he has made me addicted to good TV. However I realised today that I seem to have a serious personality flaw. I can never stick to watching just one show at a time. These are the shows that I am currently following and that I haven't ever missed an episode of so far (watching one or more episodes a week that is, I also watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but only one episode every two months or so):

1. Fringe series 4
2. How I met Your Mother series 7 
3. Mad Men series 1 (yes, I know. I must be the last person on Earth to start watching Mad Men.)
4. New Girl series 1 (which is becoming surprisingly good.)
5. Terra Nova series 1 (only a couple of episodes left.)

Mad Men, New Girl and How I Met Your Mother. All pictures are screenshots.

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