Monday, 20 February 2012

About how decorating is a serious challenge for our relationship

In this post I am taking a break from flaunting my beloved apartment but I am sticking to my general favourite subjects; decorating and relationships.

Living with another person can be difficult in many ways. The issue could be that your better half wants to eat spaghetti and bolognese three times a week (in my case I am the spaghetti-lover, although I compromise a lot) or perhaps that he/she does not like any vegetables at all. It could be that one of you are messy and the other one borders on having OCD when it comes to cleaning. And unless you have separate noise-cancelling earphones, you're gonna have to get used to listening to someone else's music taste. Me and my better half has overcome all these obstacles (yes, we do indeed have noise-cancelling earphones) apart from one; decorating our home.

Everytime we proceed with making a change in our flat, no matter how small or big, it is followed by a heated discussion. And at this point I have to stick up for myself, I'm not in any way going crazy with typical feminine colours and fairylights with ruffles shaped like ponys on our walls. I could step onboard the generalising-boat and say that it may stem from a culture clash but honestly, I think it's mainly because his taste just sucks. I will give you an example of how our conversation regarding our bathroom went.

Our bathroom is a standard bathroom which is completely white. The only thing that we can change are the hand towels that are hanging on the wall and the bathroom carpet, as well as a few small things like the mug where we keep the tooth brushes etc. Fairly boring, you get the idea. I wanted to incorporate a lot of dark gray textiles as a contrast to the white suite and then compliment it with a few orange "pops" of colour. A bright orange mug on the sink perhaps. In case you don't know what I mean, below are examples of the colours that I wanted in our bathroom.

The pictures are from Douglas Friedman via Trendenser.

I am sure that a whole bunch of people probably disagree with my taste in interior design and don't see the charm in these pictures at all. I am genuinely alright with people disagreeing with my taste, but then I want the person to suggest an alternative. Some people don't want an alternative, they like things the way they are. Undecorated. Steve is one of these people. He said no to orange. He said no to gray. He said no to all of the other colours that I showed him. Eventually I asked him what colours he thinks are okay in a bathroom.

"... Nothing but blue?" I asked him.
"If you want to be crazy, I can stretch it as far as teal. But no more than that."

You see what I have to live with?

Eventually, we did what we always do. We compromised. We have spaghetti once or twice a week. We try to always clean at agreed times. We listen to our own music in noise-cancelling headphones. And our bathroom is now a mixture of dark gray and teal.

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