Friday, 10 February 2012

About how we make pulled pork

Third post in a day, that has to be some type of record. But I'm slightly bored and thought I'd post a picture of my dinner. Yes, another picture of my dinner. I have done pretty much everything that I planned to do today (apart from the laundry) as well as put on makeup a second time and try out different ways to put my hair up. I've also chosen lots of clothes on Asos that I would like but that I won't ever afford. My latest obsession is that I would like to colour-coordinate everything that I have. It's something I regard as very British (and in fact, used to hate) but it is growing on me. Unfortunately my wardrobe is not the least colour-coordinated as I constantly change my mind on what I like. This means that colour-coordinating it means that I need to buy a lot more clothes. Back to the dinner-topic. The issue with being on Slimming World is that everything that I love (one-pot type of meal, lots of meat thrown in some type of unhealthy sauce) is banned and so you need to figure out other ways to eat meals without them being boring.

So me and Steve make a lot of pulled pork. Pulled pork is really just a piece of pork (we always use pork shoulder but I'm sure it works with other parts of the pig as well) that has been cooked in its own sauce for around eight to ten hours. We do it in a slow-cooker but it can be done in an oven as well. When you take it out the meat it should be so tender that it easily falls apart and looks "stringy". We do different dry rubs the night before and let the pork get infused with it overnight. Our dry rubs are based on lots of different recipes and now we generally just use whatever we have in the cupboard that sounds nice. Although the pork on the picture below looks a bit dry and gross, I can ensure you that it was delicious. It's also really easy because it means that dinner is organised in the morning and then you're free to do whatever you want in the evening time. The potatoes are garlic concertina potatoes which I found at Slimming Eats, the brilliant blog I've mentioned before. Basically, they are potatoes made in the oven with loads of garlic slithers pressed down into the potatoes. The tomato slices are there because I originally made roasted carrots but managed to burn them all and so the only vegetable I had was that one little sad tomato.

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