Wednesday, 22 February 2012

About the Muppets

I totally forgot to say what I think about The Muppets when I saw it at the cinema for Valentine's Day. I loved it, but then again, I am all about singing and dancing puppets. The Muppets definitely made sure that they targeted both their older, crying-from-nostalgia audience as well as their new audience, today's children. This meant that I didn't laugh during the movie as much as I did when I watched Toy Story 3, but perhaps it is a better story overall for children. And let's be honest, that's who should be watching The Muppets.

The Muppets is about a young boy (who looks suspiciously like a muppet) and his brother, played by Jason Segel, who find out that an evil businessman is buying The Muppets' studio because, apparently, there's oil underneath it. The only way to save the studio is if the Muppets reunite and do one last show to raise enough money to buy the studio back. One thing that annoys me immensely is when humans get too much attention in a movie that is about puppet and so I have to add that the entire storyline about Jason Segel and his girlfriend was more annoying than funny. To me. I'm sure that others will enjoy it and the movie was still very funny. You should go see it.

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