Wednesday, 8 February 2012

About my blog transformation

You may have noticed the recent transformation of my blog. This occurred yesterday when I found myself yearning for something a little bit more "fun". Do not worry, I won't go more crazy than this. I am quite pleased with the new design, I think it's still very minimalistic and little bit dull (just like me!) but not quite as bland as it used to be. And I would also dare say that it feels a little bit more cozy as well as girly now. I feel like there is a clear statement; this is not a blog for me to get famous. This is a blog for my friends and family to read. (Obviously I won't kick you out for reading if you don't know me. Please do continue to read.)

I started off by downloading a free template by PuglyPixel (which is a wonderful blog about blogs for bloggers) and then proceeded with changing... everything. I realised that what I wanted was the layout but other than that I wanted different colours and different everything really. (But I am still very grateful, because I wouldn't have gotten anywhere by first downloading her template. She also linked other websites that I found very useful). I feel like I might have copied a couple of my favourite blogs completely, but then again, all great things copied earlier great things. Now my only issue is that my images are far too wide. I will have to sort that out at some point later. Next step is to take a photo of me for my profile. Dear readers, let me know what you think.

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  1. You're most definitely not dull, just sophisticated! And I'm so jealous of your totally awesome English! To be honest I don't remember what your old design looked like, but this one is nice! :)