Sunday, 26 February 2012

About my Saturday

I was going to sum up what I have done today, but unfortunately it's quite late and it's already Sunday. So this post is actually about what I did yesterday.

My day didn't start until quite late, around 11am or so. I got up, couldn't bring myself to eat breakfast quite yet and so instead I cleaned our kitchen and marinaded chicken for our tea. Then I made my own scrambled eggs mess, which is literally just scrambled eggs with loads of chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and ham. I call it a mess because it looks like the least appetising meal in the world, but I still love it. We also received our Star Wars poster which I ordered a week ago from Etsy. It's the first time I've ordered anything of Etsy, but definitely not the last. (In fact, I've now spent a lot of time looking for more stuff to buy online... Oh-oh.)

The afternoon went by in a flurry of me getting two participants to fill out my questionnaires and organising for more people to fill it out by tomorrow. I also managed to have a Skype-conversation with my dad as well as with one of my brothers. With the latter one I discussed a link about the top 90 albums released during the 90s (I have a certain love for music from this decade) and how there are several albums that we haven't even listened to properly yet. So we decided to pick an album, both listen to it and then review it later. First out was If You're Feeling Sinister by Belle & Sebastian. I have only listened through it three times today but so far I think it's an amazing album. Personally, my favourite songs are Seeing Other People, The Fox in the Snow, If You're Feeling Sinister... I love almost all of them all really. My brother really likes Me & the Major, which is the one song I feel uncomfortable with. I can't explain why.

After that I went to Tesco with Steve and we got groceries and a few things that we needed for tonight. When we got home he played computer games and I made KFC style chicken with chips that suited Steve's diet as well as craving for KFC. I even mixed BBQ sauce with the baked beans the way they do at KFC! Steve said that the food was even nicer than the chicken at KFC since there's lots of taste but without the grease. I think that's a brilliant comment to get. After that I made a squidgy chocolate cake with a recipe from the same website. Unfortunately it looked great when it came out but at some time after that the cake just... flattened. It went from being several inches high to barely one. My cake-tasting companion said that it tasted really nice considering it's a healthy dessert... but that it did taste like a chocolate omelette. Slightly disappointing.

Once we had eaten half of our chocolate-cake-gone-omelette we watched True Grit. Recently Steve got persuaded into trying LoveFilm and so I've ordered a pile of movies that we never caught when they were out in cinema. True Grit seemed really good, and I was right, it was. Since the movie ended I've spent my evening reading blogs and surfing at Etsy. I also bought If You're Feeling Sinister because I'm aware that my Spotify-minutes will run out at any given moment. Oh the horror.

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