Sunday, 19 February 2012

About our living room and kitchen

In this post I would like to present to you my living room as well as kitchen. Yes, it is in fact one room that functions as both as we live in a very small flat. Although the pictures look very different they all show the exact same room. The big difference is that I took different pictures at different times of the day and so a few of them were taken with morning sunshine and a couple of others later in the day. Trust me, it's not just my own crappy editing that caused pictures to look either pink or yellow. The first picture shows our couch which is positioned against the wall to the left when you enter the room. The second picture is a close-up of our cooking books and cards that we keep to the right of the couch. (It used to be Christmas cards, now it's Valentine's Day cards.) The third picture is a close-up of our two posters above our couch. I am picky with what I like on my walls, to the extent that I've actually spent about six months searching for the exact kind of posters that I want. Unfortunately they don't seem to exist yet, so on Friday I grabbed a poster at IKEA that had the colour scheme that I was after and that will have to do until my perfect posters are made. £6 well spent. I also went home and wrote "thinking of you is my favourite thing to do" in fake calligraphy style and put in another frame. It couldn't possibly look more home-made (and the quote couldn't be cheesier) but at least it's made with a lot of love... Hrm hrm.

Below you see a picture of our "kitchen corner" and the door that leads out to the hallway. The reason why our washing machine looks like it's melting onto the floor is because of the sun shining brightly through the windows. I would also like to stress that I am genuinely not trying to position the flowers so that they are a part of every photograph I take, I just tend to move them around a lot during the day so that they're not in the way of cooking, eating, watching TV etc. The second picture is what you see if you stand right next to the washing machine, in front of our door. You may have noticed that our room is certainly not big and especially not when we have so much stuff. The wooden table is our dining room table although Steve has claimed it for his beloved monster PC. I'm not kidding, in the event of a fire the PC would be saved before me. Third picture is a close-up of our kitchen area and the last picture is of our fridge. The pictures are a few years old by now but I haven't gotten around to convincing Steve to take any new pictures of us. There you go - half of our flat has now been presented to the blogging world.

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