Saturday, 11 February 2012

About trying to get nice curls and other things

Today I have:
1. Cleaned and planned for dinner tonight. (Spaghetti with bolognese, I think.)
2. Pretended that I care about football.
3. Made a very late breakfast/brunch.
4. Admired my curls I made last night before going to bed (I spun hair around ribbons and slept with them on. Yes, I looked like a freak and nowhere near as cute as this girl does)
5. Took a gray-coloured walk with Steve and stopped at Tesco to get Company, my favourite magazine. (This week has Zooey Deschanel on the cover!)
6. Pinned.

The curls turned out quite alright in the end, although not like the girl's curls in the tutorial I linked above. I think I have too much hair for it to work on mine. (You can also see my beloved button t-shirt that used to belong to Steve's sister. I call it vintage now.)

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