Saturday, 25 February 2012

About The Woman in Black

So for no reason at all a bunch of friends (who live out in the countryside) decided to drive up to Belfast to go bowling. Unfortunately, we once we got there we were told that it was not possible to go bowling until half ten because all the lanes were booked up until then. (At this point the majority of us asked the organizer of the event why he hadn't booked a lane beforehand.) And so we decided to go to the cinema instead. The only two movies that were showing were Safe House and The Woman in Black. A coin flip later we were nervously waiting for the horror to begin.

The Woman in Black is about a lawyer (played by good-looking Daniel Radcliffe) who has to visit a small gloomy village for a business trip. He hasn't been there long before the village is struck by a tragedy, and the young lawyer soon discovers that this tragedy is just one of many over a long period of time. They all have the same thing in common - a woman in black is seen.

I can honestly say that I am not a big horror fan, mainly because of consistently bad plots and terrible acting rather than being scary. This movie, however had a good story, decent acting and I was so scared that I could barely watch. At one point a slap was delivered by me to Steve's arm, that's how scared I was. And all of my friends agreed on this movie being one of the scariest movies we've ever seen. The movie has a good build-up, enough "jumpy" moments to satisfy those scare-cravings but not so many that you grow accustomed to them. The movie also revolves around children a lot, which is a great way to scare both people who find kids scary anyway as well as scare people who genuinely care for children.

No trailer being linked here guys, I am too scared to look it up. Time to cure myself with some Mad Men.

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