Monday, 6 February 2012

An entire post about what I had to eat this weekend

Sorry for the brief blogging-pause, I've been away from Friday and only arrived home to my beloved flat last night. The time in between was spent at Steve's parents' house in the countryside, the reason being that I had moviedates and birthday dinners to go to, while Steve was at a former-stagdo-weekend-trip in Newcastle (Newcastle in England, not the crappy seaside town in Northern Ireland). 

So my weekend started with helping Steve pack the last few things he needed for his trip and trying to only slightly convey my jealousy of him travelling around the country. Then I went on a 40-minute train trip and met up with my friend who drove us to the cinema in Lisburn. There are cinemas closer to us but this one happens to be very big and surrounded by nice little restaurants. Before the movie we decided to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant (the name has escaped me, apologies) and it was delicious! Before I go on describing the food - beware. This blog post may talk far more about food than it should. So anyway, as I'm still on the same diet as Steve I decided to try and stay as healthy as possible. Although the diet encourages "treating" ourselves once in a while, I know myself quite well. I need to stay on track because if I slip up to often I will just give up on the whole thing. And that would be awfully cruel towards Steve who really needs and wants to continue on his diet. Now, back to the food. The restaurant served a buffet, which is an excellent idea. Unfortunately pretty much everything was battered. I love batter, but it doesn't work well with diets! So I made a mental note to visit once I'm no longer on a diet and then I got loads of noodles and (non-battered) chicken in blackbean sauce. This alone was delicious but it made me yearn for the unhealthy food, which is no doubt even better. The brilliant thing about a buffet is that you pay slightly more than you would if you just got a take-away, but then you can eat about three times more than you should. 

On the Saturday I was invited to a birthday dinner, which I have mentioned previously in the blog. My friend seemed to like her present from me (which was a little box with nail polish, lip balm, hand lotion, a mini-bottle of perfume etc.) and then we went to The Viscount, a restaurant in Dungannon. The Viscount is actually a church that has been rebuilt, which is a concept I love, and it is full of tacky decorations! There are weapons and flags on the walls, suits of armor and giant moose heads all over the place. In a way I think it's quite funny and playfully decorated but a small voice inside my head says that whoever decorated this place did not do so in an ironic way. The food however was lovely. I decided that there is no point in going to a fancy restaurant and choosing one of the more budget-friendly meals on the menu (such as risotto) and instead I decided to have duck breast. This was a great choice I must say, and it came with a roasted potatoe (that was square for some reason), carrot puree and some type of au jus. I also ordered the Viscount side, which was potatoe cubes, bacon and onion. It was very nice although completely unnecessary as I could barely finish my main dish. For dessert I had a chocolate brownie with ice cream and a white chocolate and whiskey sauce. I was slightly worried about the sauce being too potent, as I hate whisky, but it was only enough to give the sauce a bit of a kick. I wish I had taken pictures of my meal but I have a feeling my dinner company would've thrown me out. 

On Sunday I played with Steve's nieces and went back to Slimming World food. Salmon, stir-fried vegetables and noodles is not bad in any way but it can't be compared to my pigging-out earlier in the weekend. Right now I'm making a chicken and potatoe curry in our slow cooker. Not bad at all, if I may say so myself.

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