Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Good things and bad things

The first essay is nearly done, ignoring the fact that it needs to be restructured and I am in desperate need of making it slightly shorter. Once I've done that I have a break from studying until tomorrow, thankfully.

Other happy news are that I received my dress from Topshop late last night, I am not sure how it got there but Steve found it outside our door, and I am very pleased. For people like me who are quite pear-shaped (heavier on the hips than around the waist) it is amazing! The top part of the dress is very stretchy and so it follows your body contours perfectly, until it reaches your waist where it flows outwards. Great for giving big bums lots of room. Considering it's "just" a good-value summer dress, I am very pleased. I wore it today with a knitted sweater on top and matching tights and turned it into a modest skirt for activities such as.. Oh, I don't know, meeting with an important person perhaps...

Bad news are that I think I might have an ulcer again. Although I don't feel much pain in my stomach, I have a very uncomfortable feeling and the best way to describe is that it feels like I have a hole right where my ribs meet. I felt the exact same way about a year ago, and a year before that. Both times I received tablets from the doctor that worked wonders. So I guess another visit is due.

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