Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My busy-but-in-fact-lazy-Pancake Tuesday

Today has been a busy, busy day. Before I continue with a complaining post I would like to clarify; this is a an unusually busy day for me. Generally my busy days are busy because I have to do a lot of studying but this is something that can be done near or preferably in bed accompanied by minimal physical exercise. But today was busy because...
1) I had class first thing in the morning. (I got up at 7am today, excluding mornings before exams, getting up that early hasn't happened for a year or so)
2) I had class until the afternoon without a break but at which point I went straight to do an hours' memory exercises on the computer for the sake of a research project belonging to a classmate of mine. Mentally draaaaained.
3) After that I had to go to city centre, get my fringe cut but found out that my hairdresser has changed days that she works, buy a bunch of t-shirts because I knew an offer was on but then start a fight with a cashier as apparently the offer was wrong (I won), and then I had to buy these shorts from Topshop. (Okay, so maybe I didn't have to buy the shorts or get any of these things done today... but it was really all I could do to cheer myself up!)

Best to not tell anyone about the fact that I had a two-hour nap when I got home and didn't wake up until Steve entered the flat with Chinese take-away... I am now going to do some studying (or at least make a plan for it), possibly some knitting and later have a few pancakes to celebrate Pancake Tuesday. They're not even homemade, we bought pancake mix yesterday. Shame on me.

Speaking of something completely different, I have taken photos of our bedroom but unfortunately they are... crap. It's too dark in there and so the pictures turn out grainy. This won't do for the sake of my beloved baby blog. (Yes, this is how I view upon my blog. Something for me to take care of since I don't have a cat.)

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