Saturday, 18 February 2012

My flowers

Today has been such a good day so far. I took a couple of pictures but most of them have Steve's nieces on them and I'm weary of putting pictures of children on the internet. Even more so when it's not even my own, ha! I also took a couple of pictures of our flat. Unfortunately the only time you get good pictures are when I don't need to use the flash on my camera, and that requires natural sunlight. Most of you probably think "how hard can it be to get some natural sunlight" but guess what - I live in Northern Ireland. Headquarters for the Rainy Days Association, if there was such a thing. We had about four minutes of sunshine earlier today and I got two good pictures. I am now pacing back and forth across our windows, waiting for another patch of sunlight.

Until then, enjoy these pictures of the lovely flowers that Steve got me on Valentine's Day. You can even see the man himself if you look carefully.

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