Thursday, 2 February 2012

Twin Peaks - my greatest love

I finished watching Twin Peaks last night. This is my excuse for not blogging, I was too distraught to be able to do anything but stare into the wall for an hour or so. First of all, Twin Peaks is a brilliant show from the early 90s in case you're not familiar with it. But you have to be aware of a few things if you want to start watching it. It is, originally, a show about a murder and a killer on the loose. As the show goes on more and more sci-fi elements are added to it. Personally I don't mind this at all but I do know that a lot of people would dislike anything unrealistic, especially in a show that starts off like a twenty years older version of any other thriller series. Secondly, this is a dark show and if you couldn't watch anything but lighthearted stuff, then this show is not for you. It is actually very scary at times and there are characters in it that could give me nightmares.

Speaking of characters, this is a great strength within the show. The characters are amazing! Apart from being downright hilarious, you feel like you get to know them - and they develop as the show goes on. Not too common in many shows nowadays. This is a list of my top-ten favourite characters:
1. Dale Cooper
2. Audrey Horne
3. Albert Rosenfield
4. Leland Palmer
5. Harry Truman
6. Hawk
7. Benjamin Horne
8. Gordon Cole
9. BOB
10. Shelley

Time to watch the Twin Peaks movie: Fire Walk With Me.

Dale Cooper - one of the best characters ever on TV.

Audrey Horne - my girlcrush as well as object of raving amounts of jealousy.

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  1. Hej! Angående "Once upon a time" så tycker jag att du åtminstone får se första avsnittet! Varje avsnitt är på en timme. Har inte sett hela första avsnittet, så vet inte exakt hur det börjar men är typ en kvinna som träffar på den son hon adopterade bort för typ 10 år sen (han hittade henne, om jag inte minns fel). Pojken har inga vänner, hans adoptivmamma är supersträng och har typ sökt tröst i sagor. Nu är pojken i alla fall fullt övertygad om att alla invånare i staden (som passande nog heter Storybrooke) är figurer från sagor men att de glömt vilka de egentligen är. Och med under alla avsnitt får vi se "nutid" parallellt med dåtid/sagornas värld. Nice koncept och helt klart värt att se! :)