Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Updating and apologising

Let's face it, I haven't been much fun lately. No pictures, very little of anything really. At the moment I have one giant group project and two essays that need to be done. Meanwhile, I have tons of reading that I'm falling behind on. At the start of next week a lab report is added on top of that. So you can see why I have to be a little bit boring... But do not fear, because in less than four weeks time all of my coursework will be done and I will have three weeks of holidays. (It's not really holidays, because I have a 5000 word lab report to do as well as getting a headstart to studying for my exams in May.)

On another note, I ordered a little something from Topshop last week (yes, I'm addicted to online shopping) and my order says it's delivered to my mailbox but it is most definitely not there... Back to reading about opioid receptors.

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