Sunday, 4 March 2012

About the Belmont and birthday parties

A bit of a break for the sake of my weekend. Last night I went to a club called Belmont - don't ask me why it has such a fancy name. I think it used to be a hotel. Nowadays it's a big club that specializes in music from 2007 and people who drink too much. These people also look incredibly young - we saw at least four boys and girls getting their IDs checked and the next thing they know they're being thrown out. Good things about the Belmont is that about half of the songs are good or at least decent to dance to, it's big and it has a giant smoking area (for losers like me who's always dragged out to keep a smoker company) with seats and roof for rainy nights. Speaking of seats, there are seats everywhere which is great for feet tortured by high heels. Bad things about the Belmont (that is what we call it, The Belmont) is that half of the songs are atrocious and there is no way of dancing to them, the queues for the bar are long and everyone looks like they're about 16 and even if they are the right age they don't act like it. In other words, the girls' bathrooms are of the hygienic standard of an alleyway.

Despite the several drawbacks of this club, I generally have a good time and last night was no exception. As with most places, if you're in a good company you can be everywhere. I couldn't drink because of my stomach pains but I got high on sweetener from my diet cokes and enjoyed waking up this morning feeling fresh as a daisy. I met a friend of mine to help her with a project for university (I had to write a paragraph about how I learnt English and then she recorded me talking) and then we went to Starbucks for coffee and a chat. I like the sandwiches, the cookies and the scones that Starbucks has but I loathe their lattes. How is it possible for a big chain like that to make a latte that taste like nothing? Every time I go there I am severely disappointed. I'm well aware that a latte does consist mainly of milk but somehow every other place manage to get around that fact and still make a decent drink...

After that me and Steve went to his sister's house to celebrate one of my favourite nephews (well, okay then, Steve's nephews) who is turning three tomorrow. This is my favourite part of the blogpost; describing the food we had. There was chicken goujons, bacon and cheese swirls, sausages and sausage rolls, homemade chili bread, two types of hummus, more homemade bread, sandwiches with chicken and three types of cheese and coleslaw and ham and lots of other stuff, a pirate cake, key lime pie, caramel squares, and those are only the things that I personally had (excluding all the snacks we had beforehand, like pretzels and parsnip crisps). Me and Steve got the birthday boy a big book about dinosaurs that I found on Amazon and the Monsters Inc. DVD. I don't mean to pat myself on the back but they proved to be brilliant birthday gifts.

And now I'm home in my couch, filled up on excitement and party food and in general very satisfied with my life. Here's creepy pictures of me wearing my new lipstick.

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