Tuesday, 20 March 2012

About Mockingjay (The Hunger Games)

A good night's sleep and some time spent not reading has allowed me to return to reality, rather than living in my little The Hunger Games bubble. Well, almost.

As I predicted, Mockingjay plays out in a bigger and grander story than the previous books and it suits it perfectly. Just like the second book, the first third of the story is not very exciting but I was almost expecting it by now so that was fine. I also read some more about the books last night and it turns out that the author Suzanne Collins was/is a playwright. This makes the fact that each book is divided into three parts a lot more understandable. As in a play, the first part of the book is merely an introduction to latter events. The book has plenty of action but in contrast to the previous two books, a lot of the tension happens without anything actually happening, if that makes sense. Overall, the strength in this book definitely lies in the emotions that it evokes. The characters have developed over the story and whether it's friendship, hatred or romance, it's very touching.

I feel like the writing style is slightly better than in the previous books as well. It's difficult to say whether the third book is better than the first, because they are very different to each other. The third book is played out under a heavy feeling of sorrow and fear, and is perhaps slightly more adult. Saying that, I miss some of the adrenaline-filled action scenes that were more common in the first book. In some ways the trilogy reminded me a lot of the Tomorrow series by John Marsden (one of my absolutely favourite young adult series ever) with it's fast pace, yet emotional moments. At the end of the day, it's the ending in Mockingjay that really makes it such a good book. Without giving it away, I can say that some may hate it, some may love it. The fact is that it's believable. And I'm thoroughly sad to not be reading the story of The Hunger Games anymore.

I've been neglecting a few important areas of my life (such as make-up or essay-writing) the last two days, and so I should get back to it as soon as possible. It's been a long time since books touched me this way.

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