Thursday, 15 March 2012

About weekend projects

And so the long weekend is here! For anyone who's not from here, today is St. Patrick's Day which means that most students are going out to get ferociously intoxicated whilst wearing green clothes. Unfortunately I am not one of them, I'm still not allowed to drink and most people I know are leaving Belfast to commence the celebrations. This also means that (at least my) schools think ahead and scheduled their Reading Day for tomorrow. Clever, eh? (Last year I turned up for class the day after St. Patrick's Day and we were a grand total of 15 out of more than 150 students there.) Monday, happens to be a bank holiday. In other words, long weekend!

So for a long weekend like this I decided that it would be a good idea to schedule a few weekend projects. The first weekend project is to find glass bottle dispensers so that I can make coffee syrup for my boyfriend's sister's birthday that I mentioned here. The search for glass bottle dispensers shall commence tomorrow in the city centre of Belfast before I get my hair cut. I might start with the actual syrup-making tonight though, because I imagine a tasting session is required before I dare giving it away as a gift.

The second weekend project is to make my first batch of cookies. I love American cookies, but I have never tried baking them because.. Well, I am not exactly a natural gift in the kitchen. I have managed to completely ruin the easiest of meals. After reading Mary's post on her miracle cookies (go read this blog, she's just so lovely) I have decided to face my fears... And we'll see how that goes. The ingredients are being bought tonight and if my first batch taste as nice as I hope it will, I might make a second batch and bring as birthday cookies for two of our friends who we are celebrating on Saturday.

The third (and final) weekend project is a sewing project that I am quite apprehensive about. Like with baking, my creative side is very limited within this area and does not include making my own clothes. (Unless it's a scarf. I've knitted a scarf.) Throughout the years I have gathered lots of pieces of clothing that I love for a few months but that become boring and eventually discarded to the I-only-wear-this-on-laundry-days-pile. This includes a denim shirt that was bought for very little money and now it's really... bland. But I've seen lots of denim vests that look really cute and instead of buying one I thought I'd be more crafty. So I'm turning a denim shirt into a denim vest. The plan is to plan, and cut, and prepare the denim shirt over the next few days, and then on Sunday I'll borrow Steve's mom's sewing machine while I'm there anyway. Sounds good? Possibly. Sounds unbelievably alike most of my failed sewing plans? Indeed.

If nothing else, I might have accumulated a couple of disaster-stories on Monday.

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