Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Beck - Odelay

I forgot to tell you about last week's album, so here it goes:

Beck - Odelay
Quite disappointed in this album, but as with last week's album, it's more about me than any fault in the album itself. Although I am a big fan of Beck and likes almost everything else that I've heard from him, this is just too different I guess. The album is almost a bit ravey, the kind that you decide to play at 3am at a random houseparty and then you all cheer. (A song typical of this is the famous Where It's At, which is on this album. Cool.) At the end of the day my favourites from this album are Jack-Ass and Ramshackle. And these are disturbingly in line with my general music taste; the sad songs. It's a decent album in many ways, but only if you're up for listening to beats. To add a second opinion, my brother didn't like it at all, but nevermind him if you're curious about Odelay.

This week's album is Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas.

(In case anyone has missed out on the background of this, every week me and my brother listen to a carefully chosen album from the 90s - because we love the 90s alright - that we've been meaning to listen to for a longer time, that we've been recommended or that just seems interesting. I'm no expert in music at all and these "reviews" are just humble statements of my opinion. Plus it makes it more fun.)

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