Monday, 26 March 2012

A post dedicated to our weather

Apologies for not updating a lot, it seems I'm in the middle of another burst of coursework that needs to be handed in very soon. In a week I have Easter holidays though!

On another note, the weather is unusually good in Belfast. In fact, I haven't seen a cloud in almost three days. That has to be some sort of record for this country. It's probably only slightly above fifteen degrees, but it feels like summer. People are wearing shorts and sunshades. (Hey, holiday outfits need to be used at least once a year, this could be all the summer we get.) Even more surprising is that the weather forecast predicts another two days of good weather. (Then it's back to twelve degrees.)

So to enjoy the weather as much as possible I've already taken a longer walk. Unfortunately I don't have a garden and I don't want to go to the park alone, so instead I'm sitting here in my flat, face pressed up against the window to soak up all the nice weather. Might do some window cleaning.

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