Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ten great reasons to smile

One - The weather is still amazing and it puts me in such a good mood.

Two - My freckles has decided to return with the sun and it makes me feel like my old self.

Three - Me and Steve took a walk in the sun and then we got giant tasty scoops of ice-cream in cones. (I had raspberry ripple and blueberry yogurt, Steve had different fruity sorbets.)

Four - This week's album is by Cocteau Twins and it is so good! Definitely an improvement from last week's album, which I have yet to write about here.

Five - Today is Tuesday, which means we don't have to cook because Tuesdays are take-away night.

Six - For my next lab report I came up with a subject that I am really pleased with; how university and the lifestyle that comes with it affects eating habits. Should yield some interesting results!

Seven - I cleaned our windows yesterday (hey, anything to be outside) and my landlord said I had done a great  job.

Eight - Friday is my last day in class before Easter holidays (and I'm off on Thursday). 

Nine - Steve is currently representing his course on an open-night for university (where secondary school students visit to see if the courses suit them) because he is top of his class and every time I think of it I feel so proud of him. 

Ten - I picked up a few bare branches and decorated with paper flowers to make our home nice for Easter as you can see on the pictures above. I know it's not quite the same as birch branches customary for Sweden, but I still like it. And the paper flowers were created courtesy of Martha Stewart. (Ok, so my arrangement is not quite as stylish, but whatever.)

Update: OK, so one reason to frown as well; the walk gave me blisters on my feet because clearly these feet weren't made for walking in any type of shoes, ever. Not even soft ballerina-shoes. Everything can't be perfect!

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