Thursday, 1 March 2012

Trying out Photoscape

A day off is never a bad thing. Unfortunately I haven't spent it as wisely as I would have liked to. Although I focused on my books for a few hours, I then got stuck in Photoscape. It's a nice little free video editing software, although obviously not as good as Photoshop (which, on the other hand, costs a minor fortune). I'm wearing my dress from Topshop (yes, two days in a row, I'm filthy like that) and decided to see how good this software is at enhancing ridiculously bad originals. The answer is; it's not bad at all. A grainy photo is a grainy photo, no matter what you do to it but at least you can change the brightness and contrasts.

Behold my new dress (and my bum), pancakes with syrup that I made last week and our homemade KFC-inspired chicken that was made as a Saturday treat. On another note; black plates really don't do themselves any favours on pictures. Please buy me white plates?

1 comment:

  1. Haha, ibland bara älskar jag hur du skriver! Typ gammalmodigt och ordentligt, och så plötsligt slänger du in små kul meningar mitt i allt! :D