Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Found a "Currently.." post at Skunkboy Creatures and thought I'd copy it. (Skunkboy Creatures is a brilliant craft-y blog, if anyone's interested!) The picture is from last summer in Sweden.

Obsessing over:  TV-shows... and the thought of renting a little house in the countryside instead of this minimal flat next fall! It might sound crazy for people in Sweden where it's hard to find houses for rent, but it's very common here. In fact, for the same price of our one-bedroom flat we could have a three-bedroom semi-detached house. I can't wait to actually have enough room for all of our stuff, to be out in the countryside where all of our friends live and to have a little patch of garden to sunbathe and have BBQs. Joy!

Working on:   All of the university assignments that I'm doing. Saying that, I haven't done today's piece of coursework yet but I have plenty of time left. At least I have a plan... and so far I'm sticking to it!

Thinking about:  Budget-friendly ways of making my warderobe a little more fun and what to do for Steve's birthday (again, in the most budget-friendly way possible. Poor Steve). 

Anticipating:  The summer and my trip to Sweden. It's really the only trip I have this summer and I can't wait to see my family and my friends, eat Swedish strawberries, chocolate and baby potatoes, to celebrate my brothers' high school graduation and to maybe even spend a day or two at the beach if I'm lucky with the weather.

Listening to:  At this particular moment nothing but the sound of Steve's typing (he's also studying hard) but the last few days it's been a lot of She & Him - Volume 2 (which is an awesome album). 

Eating:  Big breakfasts with scrambled eggs and mushrooms and toast, the kind that keeps you full all day (because being off means that you can spend a lot of time making your breakfast).

Wishing:  That I had a part-time job ready for this summer... Alternatively a rich relative who felt like donating loads of money for me.

Sorry for writing such a money-obsessed post but unfortunately it's the kind of thing that has to occupy a lot of my mind.. Since I don't have any (;

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