Monday, 2 April 2012

Good weekends

I've had such a good weekend, that has to be said. Not very productive - but definitely entertaining. On Friday Steve texted me and informed me that he had run into friends at university who wanted to stay over in Belfast until the Saturday. And I just couldn't say no. It was a good night, filled with Chinese food, Spotify sing-along and just general chit-chat that lasted until half six in the morning. Safe to say, I wasn't in the best shape when I got up at 2pm. However, we pulled ourselves together and headed out to the countryside for a BBQ and houseparty at our friend's house. Thankfully I got to bed slightly earlier than the night before (but just slightly). On Sunday we stopped by Steve's sisters and left of two birthday presents (one being a fourth batch of cookies that everyone keeps complimenting me on!) and then we went back home to Belfast. And now I have my spring break.

Speaking of something completely different, I have now finished the second season of Mad Men. Although the show was always very good, it definitely reached another level about halfway through the second season. Peggy is my favourite! And Don Draper is a great character... although not a very likable one. Another brilliant thing is the constant references to major historical events, such as the Cuban missile crisis (as well as smaller references to popular culture. My favourite is when Campbell talks about his mother and says "Remember Rope?" followed by a chuckle. Quite morbid.) Time to get started on the third season (in between studying, that is).

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