Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Grown-up things

I was reading an article on HelloGiggles on the things you thought were adult and couldn't wait to do when you became a grown-up too, complete with comments from lots of people who also dreamed of doing grown-up stuff like writing checks. This made me think back on what I thought was very grown-up... Only to realise that I still think to myself "Wow, I'm such a grown-up" in a smug way every time I do them. Despite being almost 22 years old, and technically, I should be a grown-up.

1. Drinking coffee. And I'm not talking about espresso in a coffee house, I mean drinking a cup of black coffee in your home with your breakfast (preferably while pretending to be interested in the news paper) on a Monday morning. This is such a grown-up thing to do, because any student with self-respect knows that the way to go is to sleep as long as you can in the mornings, then throw yourself into the kitchen, somehow passing the shower on the way, and pouring cereal with milk in a bowl while simultaneously eating it. Then run to class. I'm so far away from drinking coffee in the mornings. I don't like black coffee. I don't even own a kitchen table.

2. Walking around airports alone. This is one of those grown-up things that I actually do at least four times a year and yet I'm just as smug every time I do it. It's almost as if a part of me thinks that I'm cheating, because it's obvious that I shouldn't be allowed into important areas without adult supervision. You know what beats walking around airports alone? Walking around airports with your boyfriend. If you stop by the tax-free and get a bottle of wine, you earn extra super grown-up points. Even if it's for your mom. 

3. Having friends over for dinner. This is the ultimate grown-up thing to do and therefore I've only attempted it once. Long story short, I mistook beef for pork and we spent most of the dinner chewing whilst I tried understanding how the meat could get so rubbery. In other words, this should be accompanied by grown-up skill #46 - knowing how to cook. Fortunately, you can bypass this by having friends who are grown-ups who can cook and then they can invite you over for dinner. I'm lucky enough to have a friend who can do this, because she is 24 and that's a real grown-up.

This list just made me realise what a child I am. A child with my own flat, boom!

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