Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

This was Steve's breakfast this morning. He's been planning to mix his cereal with chocolate mini-eggs all week and I've been trying to ban him from eating it to no avail. After it was all eaten he admitted that he felt a little bit sick from sweets that early in the morning though.

I made a few parts of a traditional Swedish Easter dinner today; meatballs, sausages, dyed eggs, hasselbacks-potatoes with garlic... It was a complete failure. I tried making the meatballs after a Swedish recipe instead of my usual one and they all had a horrible gooey consistency and tasted like nothing (and most of them fell apart before I got them out of the frying pan). I had left it to Steve to buy sausages and he came back with normal ones rather than cocktail sausages as per tradition. The hasselbacks-potatoes turned out nice. My dyed eggs wouldn't dye properly (what's wrong with the food colouring here?!) and my red eggs turned out gray and my yellow eggs turned out slightly ligher than before. And our store didn't have smoked salmon, and obviously not herring, Kalle's Kaviar or dark bread. Steve ate everything anyway but I think he was just being nice.

On a happier note, we bought each other chocolate Easter eggs! (When you don't have any kids around to do these childish things with, you might as well do it on your own.) I forced Steve to hide mine as well, and then I found it. Within 20 seconds or so. It's not that he's bad at hiding things, I'm just brilliant at finding them. Also, I was so focused on the task that I didn't even notice all the "fake" eggs that he had set up; an egg-shaped bump under our bed sheets, mysterious pile of towels lying on the floor... 

Either way, the rest of my Easter plans include eating huge amounts of sweets and watching Logan's Run. Not too shabby. 

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