Friday, 13 April 2012

A short text about Disney

A few weeks ago I watched Pocahontas and earlier today I found myself craving for another Disney-classic that I loved as a child: The Little Mermaid. I may be one of those people who are nostalgic to the point of insanity (very likely) but I get a rush of childhood memories every single time I watch these movies. And I suspect that they influenced me a lot.

I think Disney taught me that it's okay to be a dreamer. It's okay to daydream to make yourself feel better, and it's okay to make up grand plans for your future, even if they might seem a little unrealistic (like, say, marrying a prince. Erhm). It's also okay if you're a little different.

It's okay to fantasize about completely different worlds and to imagine-play until you're so old that it's probably a little strange to everyone else. Me and my best friend used to make up our own stories all the time, in fact we did it more than most children (it seems) rather than skipping rope or chasing boys (and these were elaborate stories, some including robot panthers and kidnapped fairies). This imagination later turned into writing short stories and later attempts of great novels. And my current boyfriend said when he met me that one of my finest qualities was my imagination. It was the nicest compliment I had ever gotten.

Even more, Disney placed great values on friends, and that parents (although seemingly harsh at times) nearly always only want what's best for you. Sure, a lot of them are love stories (and I might be romantic to the point of sickly) but there's always small but valuable lessons in them. I hope that today's Disney movies are the same.

Obviously, there's bad things about Disney as well. The main characters are always very attractive and skinny for some reason. Apart from the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, but then he turns attractive towards the end as well? Is it just me or are a lot of the villains often quite chubby? (I'm looking at you, Ursula.) And it was only recently that a black princess was portrayed rather than the row of rather pasty-looking girls before that. So Disney has learnt, and has many important lessons to learn, but overall I have a lot to thank Disney for.

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