Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring flowers and coffee bags

Today I've been busy studying, and then enjoying my Chinese take-away with Steve. I banned myself from watching Mad Men because I accidentally watched nine episodes only yesterday (whoops) and it's working quite well. I'm a lot more productive when forced to do tasks than when watching pretty people have relationship dramas in fancy clothes... I also got a mark back for my lab report and I'm very pleased! Not only because it's nice to have a high mark, but I have a feeling that I'll need a better-than-usual-mark to make up for the two very difficult assignments ahead. Above you see my spring-branch-arrangement (with DIY flowers) that I posted a picture of last week, but it is far prettier now that all the leaves show themselves.

Steve's brother-in-law handed us a pair of "coffee bags" to try at home. The British/Irish are ridiculous, I have never before heard of replacing teabags with coffee bags! (But I like it.) I found it quite nice, at least in comparison to the instant coffee that me and Steve usually settle for. Then again, we're no coffee gourmets. What won me over more than anything was the cute packaging. I might buy it just to keep on our kitchen counter. Tomorrow I need to take a walk to the library and then buy mars bars and peanutbutter cookies. My latest project is to make American cookies*... but with mars bars or peanutbutter flavouring to them. This is Steve's idea, so if it turns out to be a complete fiasco, he is the one to blame.

* This cookie-making is certainly not great for this diet that we're supposedly on.

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