Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I envy professional bloggers who somehow manage to have lots to do in life, and yet they post two blog posts a day. When I started this blog (like three months ago now, woo!) it was because I felt like no one at home knew what was actually going on in my life. There is only so much you can say during a phone call or whatever, and frankly, there are more important things to talk about than that I went out last weekend and on Sunday I had a roast beef dinner. I've decided that when I renew my phone contract I'm gonna get an iPhone and then I'll be able to just casually text people or use the Skype app whenever I feel like it. (Because right now texting or calling Swedes is so expensive that I've just banned myself from doing it. Unless it's an emergency, I'm not unreasonable with myself.) So anyway, back to the subject. It turns out that when I do have things to talk about, I don't have the time to actually write about it! Instead it's during the weekdays, when I mostly mope about in the flat and the only time I see other human beings (apart from Steve) is when walking in the hallways between classes, that I actually find myself wanting to blog. Despite not having much to say. So how do the professional bloggers do it? 

Last weekend me and Steve went out to the countryside and spent the Saturday evening with our friends at our standard pub. It's worth mentioning that this probably started out as a small pub that later added extension upon extension as it got more popular. So when you walk into the pub there is a small area with tables and a TV for whenever football is on, and then the area somehow decreases in size the further in you go and eventually it's just a long bar counter and enough space to stretch one of your arms as you're waiting for a drink. Follow that bar counter long enough and it eventually gets bigger and suddenly there's a set of stairs that leads down to a decently sized dance area. To walk from one end of the pub to the other takes at least five minutes because it's so crowded and the pathway connecting the drinking area to the dance floor is so narrow. In saying that, everywhere is a drinking area for Northern Irish party-goers. 

Yesterday my lectures started again and it feels good to see my classmates. All my coursework is being done on time (and if I keep it up, ahead of time) which is good because I received my exam timetable last week. My two exams are located on a Saturday and the following Monday. That gives me one full day to revise in between them, and just means that I have to start revising a week earlier than I planned. I also have a presentation to give on Friday and I couldn't possibly be more nervous about it. It's the first presentation I've ever given in English (that wasn't during an English class back in secondary school) and I can barely speak any language at all when I get nervous. 

Lastly, I've decided to try to drink more water. Sometimes after sitting down by the laptop for longer periods of time (studying, of course) I get a terrible head ache when I stand up. I think it might be dehydration because I barely drink anything during the day. Unfortunately I really can't stand the water in Belfast. It tastes strange to me and that's probably because it's soft water rather than hard water. So instead I bought sugar free squash that I drink. I feel like I'm eight years old drinking squash juice, but at least I'm getting lots of water! 

My boyfriend's sister ran 10 kilometers this Sunday. We started running at the same time last year, but I stopped once I moved back to Belfast and she didn't. Her running has motivated me to get started again. If only the couch wasn't soo comfortable... I could probably go on writing about absolutely nothing, but I really need to write another 700 words in a real assignment before the end of today. 

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