Friday, 18 May 2012

Hey Nicole

In 24 hours (and a bit) your first Psychobiology exam will be over. You can't wait but you've also gotten into that stage half-full of gloomy thoughts or just plain old apathy. You don't know how the exam will go and a small part of you (a massively huge part really) wants to throw a massive tantrum and then go to sleep. That part understands that knowing about neurotransmitters and what goes on in the synapses is really important, but it just won't stick in your head. But instead of breaking down, you're going to force this part to think positively. If four days of studying hasn't gotten you very far, then starting a new topic today certainly won't make a huge difference. You should focus on going over the stuff that you've already sort of managed getting your head around, and if that comes up on the exam - lucky you. If it doesn't... Well, it's really only one teeny tiny module, right? In the long run it's worth like 3% of your entire mark.

Hey Nicole, biology is really not your thing, is it?

You know what, that's alright. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Study all of today and you'll know that you did your best when you leave that exam hall tomorrow. And then fist pump in the air when you remember that your next exam is on Social Psychology and I'm sure you will ace that.

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