Thursday, 17 May 2012

Right now I see

Right now I see the screen of my laptop on a dusty table. It's not actually that dusty, but the table is black and so it will look dusty no matter how often I clean. On the left of me is a red study lamp (for studying, duh), a massive book that claims on the front that it'll teach me about Psychobiology but it's definitely not teaching me anything, and a filing system which contains all of our important stuff as well as a pair of cheap sunglasses, stationary and a journal. On the right of my laptop are two big notebooks, covered in my scribbles, as well as a number of pens, a red wooden horse (from my mom), a pale turquoise ceramic heart (from my brother), a giant red candle, knitting wool, and a giant stack of papers, bills and books to go into the filing system. I will deal with all of that once exams are over. Above me is a big white wall with a number of light brown spots and I wonder if it's mold. If it is, it's probably not very healthy of me to spend my days studying here and my nights sleeping here. I'll deal with that after exams.

I can hear the sound of my typing (no music, because I worry about state-dependent learning. If I learn everything to the sound of music, I might not remember it in the quiet of the exam hall. THIS is what Psychology does to your brain, folks!), and the shuffling of Steve in the other room, spoon clinking towards plate, the faint noise of the TV that's on in the background while Steve studies. (He's certainly not worried about state-dependent learning.)

I can smell coffee. I can taste coffee. If I had a more developed sense of smell like some of my most-likely-part-bloodhound relatives I would probably smell something more (maybe even whether these brown stains are mold or not) but my sense of smell is notoriously bad.

Other than that, life is pretty good.

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