Thursday, 24 May 2012

Terrible photos

It's been warm lately, and I've joined Instagram despite having a terrible camera and also despite complaining about it so much. I figure it'll make me practice taking more photos of everyday life until I get my iPhone. (Oh iPhone, I long for thee. I shall see you thou in September, babe.)

It's difficult practicing when the only people you ever spend time with are a) a handsome but hating-photos-with-a-passion-type of man and b) an individual suffering from camera-shyness the last few yeas (that'd be myself). I'm gonna have to get over that.

The first picture was taken from the view of the train when I was on my way to my non-paid gig as a classroom assistant. This was a beautiful day, but the mornings always look gloomy here. The second is from when me and Steve had ice cream at Lisburn Road today (also a beautiful day). My photo skills offer you a sneak peak of his arm on the right, you're welcome. The third is the view from our tiny window in our bedroom, which I took when  I was revising. Gloomy day. The fourth is a day or two after, when the sun arrived to Belfast and I sat outside while revising instead.

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