Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday update

I've been ferociously avoiding computers (not really) the last few days as the sun was out and we decided to head out to the countryside. Visiting people with a garden and all that. Quick update of what's important right now:
1     Been applying for lots of jobs. Hoping I'll get a call from at least one of them.
2     I finished the fourth season of Mad Men and it was good. Only one more season left...
3     In eight days I'll be in Sweden!
4     In Sunday's Game of Throne my friend appears a couple of times. He's trying to avoid rocks falling down. He's not even a Lannister.... I'm so jealous.
5     The heatwave seems to be over for Northern Ireland. Hey, we had a good week. I'll see you next year.
6     In between BBQs and job applications, I also watched Take Shelter. It's not bad.
7     I'm going to the dentist tomorrow for the first time in three years. A little nervous.
8     I finished The Blind Assassin before the weekend and oh. I'll wrote more about it some other time.

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