Sunday, 3 June 2012

Countdown: Three days

What happened in Sweden? As you can see, the weather forecast is not looking great for Sweden anymore. I'm gutted, this was my chance for sun for the summer. However... Only three days left! I've written a packing list, a giant case has been sent in my direction for the occasion and at the moment the first out of three washes is loaded into the washing machine. I may have to re-think my packing list though, away goes flip flops and sinful denim hotpants, hello anorak.

Me and Steve went to Armagh yesterday for a late birthday dinner and stay at a hotel night, from his family. It was so good. We had food at Uluru, which happens to be our favourite restaurant ever. I had mushroom soup (it was called something fancier, but let's face it, it's soup), poached rabbit loin stuffed with apple and spinach with pesto mash on the side, and then a giant caramel cheese cake. I had never had rabbit before and assumed it would be like red meat, but it's not. It tastes a little bit like pork, but less salty. Good, nevertheless. The hotel room was really comfy and we had a giant king size bed to watch Demolition Man (which I found awful, in case you're wondering). Today we had a decent hotel breakfast and then we went to Steve's parents for Sunday dinner. It was a good weekend.

I had planned to make cookies for a few friends tonight (yes, this is what I do when I have no money. Bribe people with edible gifts. After all, some people seem to think time spent is more valuable than money spent. Let's hope so for my sake.) so I walked to the shop to get sugar and eggs... As soon as I walked in through the door I realised I had forgotten butter, so they will have to be made tomorrow instead. Stressful.

Three days left!

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