Friday, 1 June 2012

Guessing game

Earlier this evening I was tremendously bored and I decided to practice my drawing. It's been, literally, about a decade since I decided to sketch anything but flowers and penguins (and that's strictly during boring lectures to entertain myself) so I definitely need the practice. I don't have any proper graphite pencils here, and I don't have proper paper for it. But whatever, it's just practicing and so I grabbed the nearest pen and my notebook for class.

First I tried to sketch Steve. His initial reaction was "I don't look like that!", and then he agreed that he does look like that but that it's not very flattering. Then I tried to sketch my youngest brother but he ended up looking like a total creep. If I ever feel like humiliating myself, I'll post that picture. (Then I tried sketching Steve again but it wouldn't work at all). I sketched four celebrities, three of which turned out horrible but one turned out alright. Steve could guess who it was anyway. So I'm posting the celebrity here, to see if anyone else can guess who it is. She's an American actress and an incredibly beautiful woman, in my opinion. (Disclaimer: It was hastily done, so don't judge me too harshly.)

I have very few readers, but please try to make a guess! I really want to see if anyone else but Steve can see who it is. Precisely because of the limited numbers who read this blog, I'll give a week or so until I tell you guys who it is. No prizes, other than honor and glory that is.


  1. I'd also guess Scarlett Johansson, just like mr/s Anonymous! And somehow Kate Winslet also pops into my head.