Thursday, 26 July 2012

Friendship bracelets

I decided to make friendship bracelets the other day, following this tutorial to make advanced heart-shaped ones. I didn't have embroidery thread as instructed but I had yarn and I didn't care because hey, I wasn't exactly going to wear it. Turns out I liked it so much that now I have to buy embroidery thread and make ones that actually last. (Mine nearly dissolved after a few cleaning sessions). The one on the picture was my first try and looks slightly rugged. Also possibly because of the lack of embroidery thread. I sweetly asked Steve if he wanted friendship bracelets too and he said yes, as long as he never has to wear it. Not even in private. Boo.  I'm going to interpret that as him admiring the fine craftsmanship but not enough to abandon that all-important manliness. 

Edit: Look at my giant hand! What a freak.

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