Sunday, 22 July 2012

My thoughts about Looking for Alaska

(I hope none of you are sick of my amateur book reviews!) Above is one of my absolute favourite quotes from the book. Unfortunately, I bought the book through my Kindle app and so it's impossible for me to take these pictures myself. This quote can instead be found on my pinterest. (There is a part of me who despite the reality of saving money through buying kindle books loathe it. I love new books, I like squeezing them into my bookshelf and I like catching the book title of a particularly good book in the corner of my eye when I'm doing other things. But then saving money catches up with me again.)

Looking for Alaska was written by John Green and I happened to see a quote from the book and immediately felt compelled to read it. (Quote-addicted.) The book is split into two parts - Before and After, which adds an element of thrill as you're reading it, ready to find out exactly what's going down at the point where the book splits. The story follows Miles, also known as Pudgy, a 16-year old boy who has no friends and likes to memorise famous last words. Sick of his life, Pudgy decides to attend boarding school, ready to find his own Great Perhaps.

There is really nothing more I can say about the story because I'd rather you were thrown into it the same way I was. However I can promise you that the story is amazing. I read this book in two sessions because I could not put it down. The book is perfectly written but more than so, it pulls you in and stirs you in ways that few books can. The characters are funny but realistic, and so are the friendships being portrayed. As some of you may know, I am a sucker for novels about teenage boys who grow up into adults to the point where I fall in love with the fictional characters a little (whilst crying out 'oh why am I not a 16-year old girl living in this book' but that's just the pathetic aspect of me). If you have nothing else to read, I recommend this full-heartedly.

I went to see a friend last night and she borrowed me another book by John Green, Paper Towns. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

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