Friday, 27 July 2012

My thoughts about Paper Towns

One of my favourite paragraphs in this book. After reading Looking for Alaska and as a result feeling emotionally unstable yet wanting more, I borrowed Paper Towns by the same author, John Green, from a friend. I finished the book in two days and while this may say more about the book length and/or my lack of stuff to do during the days, the fact that the story keeps you from putting the book down definitely played a big part.

Paper Towns is set shortly before the end of high school when Quentin one night is dragged into Margo Roth Spielman's plans. Margo is Quentin's neighbour as well as object for love from a distance and the two of them have not shared much in common since they were nine years old and found a dead body in the park. The morning after a night of pulling pranks and helping Margo get even with her former friends, Margo has mysteriously disappeared and Quentin is left to follow the clues.

As with Looking for Alaska, the main character is this typically ordinary boy who falls in love with an extraordinary girl. I have a weakness for these common boys (and particularly when they're nerdy, such as this one) because they're easy to like. After a few pages, you feel like you've known them all your life and to a certain extent, as if you're alike. I love Quentin's friends and the friendships he has (just like in Looking for Alaska - I keep referring back to this book because they're very alike) and I fall in love with Margo, just like he does. Whilst Looking for Alaska has a very philosophical manner throughout the book, it only comes across at certain parts in Paper Towns and it has this mystery incorporated instead. Where is Margo? I loved following the clues, I kept holding my breath when Quentin seemed a little bit closer to solving the mystery and I was just as disappointed when there was a setback. In short, this was a great book although not as good as Looking for Alaska, in my opinion. Then again, this is not as slow-paced and might suit some people better. Read it.

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