Sunday, 8 July 2012

An ode to cooking shows

So I'm well aware that it's a bit random to suddenly write a blog post about cooking shows after approximately three weeks of complete silence, and I do have reasons for not writing. They started off being just busy whilst also landing from spending a week with my family in Sweden and ended up being me not being in a particularly "writey" mood.

When I lived in Sweden I never watched cooking shows. Then again, I never cooked either. Once I moved over here and started dating Steve, I noticed how he'd watch an alarming amount of them. At first they bored me, when I thought they'd teach me something I was intrigued, and now I love them. Only a certain kind of cooking shows. They need to be beautiful, with soothing music and lovely surroundings (a reason why I don't like The Hungry Sailors - I don't care how funny you are if you're going to cook in a dark cabin, Hello Claustrophobia) and in general ooze an atmosphere that I want to be surrounded with.

When I watch cooking shows it doesn't matter that I will never in my life prepare a lobster linguini because frankly, I don't think I've ever learnt a single thing from a cooking show. I just want to drink in the surroundings and pretend that I have a kitchen that is just as fun to cook in as Nigella does. And at Christmas I find myself in a holiday festive mood, whilst during summer watching famous people preparing breezy salads for hot summer days actually make me feel slightly warmer (meanwhile in Northern Ireland, the rain is pouring down, unstoppable.)

So without further delay, my favourite cooking shows are anything with Jamie Oliver (because he is so sweet and his cooking in general does seem doable), Nigella (you find yourself sort of hating her but that's okay when her food looks so scrumptious), Sophie Dahl (because she provides the ultimate sensory experience and is also likeable), Lorraine Pascal (who makes me want to make perfect cakes preferably while living under her kitchen table), The Hairy Bikers (they have funny accents and cook outdoors) and Saturday Kitchen (which has different chefs each time but it's so cozy to drink a cup of tea and eat breakfast while watching other people having to cook).

So, as she has successfully managed to make me love her shows although I can't stand her and as she inspired me to make pancakes tonight, here's everyone's favourite Nigella.

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