Saturday, 28 July 2012

Saturday afternoons with romantic comedies

You've Got Mail snapshot from The Jane Austen Film Club, which is great, incidentally.

Windy Saturday afternoons, perhaps the kind that is visited by rain from time to time, must have been made for watching romantic movies from the 90s. There is just no other decade who do romantic movies as well in my opinion, not as pretentious as the 21st century, not as cheesy as the 80s. I am aware that there is a string of decades that occurred at some point before that as well that also made some pretty good movies (partial to a bit of Breakfast at Tiffany's here myself) but they're not that kind of movies. The kind that leaves you just feeling great, preferably with 90s fashion in heaps, at some point a bouncy Meg Ryan and New York surroundings. So if you have no plans for today I'd suggest getting a hold of the nearest copy of You've Got Mail and a giant bar of chocolate. Enjoy. (I also suggest Four Weddings and a Funeral, Meet Joe Black and anything by Nora Ephron really.)

Yesterday me and Steve went to Ten Square to use his drinking voucher that he received when he graduated. Let me tell you this: At Ten Square you won't get more than a cocktail, a vodka with lemonade and two pints for £20. In fact, it wasn't even enough. Ridiculously expensive considering that we're in Northern Ireland, although they tasted nice and the place has got a nice buzz about it. Also the bars around Belfast city centre will always be more expensive I guess. When we were done with our drinks we went back home and then we got sweets and midnight burritos. Not too shabby at all. Tonight I'm going out with two friends of mine for a girls' night out!

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