Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ten great reasons to smile 3.0

Last night I felt slightly down and although I feel better today I still thought I'd cheer myself up. And I realised that I only ever did two "ten great reasons to smile" posts and the last one was in April despite them being so good for my mood. So here goes another one. (The picture was taken in Sweden. Just a general happy moment.)

One - I have a job! In a week I will be working for two months, full-time. That means by the end of my summer holidays I will have worked for exactly half of my summer.

Two - I have gone over almost all of my driving theory, excluding the million signs that I still haven't properly looked at. Tomorrow.

Three - I had a whole bunch of people who I was worrying about, but within like a two-day span everything sorted itself out. Major reason to be happy.

Four - Steve got paid today. This might seem like a very greedy thing to be happy about, but there is something so soothing about the sound of bills being paid on time.

Five - My mom arrives in two weeks, staying for five days. Cannot wait.

Six - The plan is that in five weeks we should be living in a bigger and cheaper home than the one we have now. I'm imagining a life without having to eat dinner without a kitchen table... With a separate room for Steve's computer so I don't have to look at that dust-collecting beast... (So we don't actually have a house yet. But you know, these things work out.)

Seven - Going out for a girls' night on Saturday. Cocktails!

Eight - I'm planning to buy lots of vegetables and eat some kind of salad for lunch each day at my new job. As a girlfriend of the vegetable-nemesis I don't get nearly enough daily greens, but I shall change this!

Nine - There's cake in my fridge. (This really shouldn't be following health-based-reason no. 8 but nevertheless, it makes me smile.)

Ten - Steve and me are going out for drinks in Belfast tomorrow. Mini-celebration for no reason at all.

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  1. One is truly happy, when enjoying the little things in life. :)