Saturday, 18 August 2012

Liebster Award

So ages ago my friend Kathryn tagged me for the Liebster Award and I've never heard of it but I do like lists and although I'm unbelievably intimidated by all the beauty and fashion questions I'm going to answer it anyway. In other words - this is still just my ordinary lifestyle blog for friends and family and myself and I'm not an expert in anything beauty and fashion related. However, feel free to visit my friend's blog if you want to read about that sort of stuff because her blog is excellent.

First out is 11 Things About Myself:

One - I once did a "100 things about myself" list on my old blog (back in 2007 or so). It was long. Maybe I should do one again.

Two - I am very close to my two younger brothers. Unfortunately we don't live in the same country and so most of my conversations with them takes place by phone or through chatting on Facebook (which is why I can't get rid of that darn Facebook - I would if I didn't have so many people at home in Sweden to keep in contact with.) Anyhow, for me personally I feel like I've almost gotten closer to them by not seeing them so often. Sometimes I feel like perhaps I took them for granted when I lived at home and now I truly appreciate them. They are 18 and 14 years old and such good people. Immensely proud of my close relatives.

Three - I have an abundance of freckles and moles. The freckles doesn't bother me but if I had lots of money those moles would be on their way out asap. Bothersome.

Four - I love food. If I could afford it I would probably eat all the time. It's at the point of getting ridiculous.. Ten minutes after finishing a very filling dinner I am willing to try a second portion! I'd often complain about not getting the same super metabolism as the others in my family but really, it must be pretty good because with the amount of eating and the amount of not-doing-exercise I should be the size of a house.

Five - I cry a lot. It's not necessarily crying because of bad things, it can just as easily be caused by a happy things or by children singing on television. When I recently re-watched Meet Joe Black I cried seven times. Seven.

Six - I have lived in five countries so far. (Excluding the republic of Ireland because it was only for a month and I never had an actual address there.)

Seven - I am really organised and messy at the same time. This means that sometimes I postpone my bathroom cleaning for a week or leave the dinner dishes to do well into the next day. Steve and I have also found old food containers in the fridge that had nuclear potential. I hate cleaning, it's a necessary evil that's taken years of practice to get into the habit of doing. (Trust me - no one would've wanted to see my first dorm room I had when I was at university in Sweden. It was probably toxic.) I love being organised though and so I make lists of the things I need to do everyday, every single piece of paper I receive (bills, statements, information) is sorted into one out of a dozen folders that I have and I rely on a calendar for pretty much everything in my life.

Eight - I used to play lots of video games. It's now been replaced by watching TV and pinning. Lots of pinning.

Nine - I do things very hastily because I'm impatient. This means I'm not well-suited for advanced crafting, any delicate baking or even carrying eggs from the fridge to the table.

Ten - I used to have a lip piercing. That's how cool I was.

Eleven - I do a lot of reading. My biggest issue is that I generally read several books at once and so sometimes I forget about books and leave them for almost a year. Another big issue is that a lot of my coursework involves reading and so reading for pleasure is sort of pushed to the side.

Now, the questions that I was tagged for:

1. Biggest fashion faux-pas? - There's so many of them and I still do them all the time. Once I wore baggy knee-high jeans with pumps. That was pretty bad.

2. Favourite fashion icon? - Ooooh, such difficult questions! As I'm on a quest to embrace more colour in my life, Zooey Deschanel is definitely a fashion icon that I adore.

3. Favourite fashion trend? - I'm all for the 90s trends at the moment.

4. Beauty (or other) blogger inspiration? - I follow so many blogs that give me lots of inspiration. To mention a few; Keiko Lynn, Lisaplace, Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, Nat the Fat Rat, Niotillfem, Ebba Zingmark. And that's a very small sample.

5. Favourite beauty or make up product? - I love my Book of Shadows from Urban Decay. I use Sellout, YDK and Twice Baked pretty much everyday.

6. Favourite make up brand? - I tend to go to different brands for different beauty items but one of my favourites is Rimmel London.

7. What would be your idea of the perfect day? - Waking up without feeling exhausted, having breakfast in a sunny garden, eating ice cream and reading books in the sunshine, having a BBQ and then either going out with my friends or stock up on unhealthy foodstuffs and movies.

8.  Summer or winter? - Winter until Christmas is over.

9. Favourite colour? - Dark blue.

10. What's your signature scent? - I don't really consider myself having a "signature scent" but as I have several perfumes by Nina Ricci that I wear often that would probably be it.

11. Will you do the Liesbter award again? - I don't think I'd survive it!

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