Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ten reasons to smile 4.0

This picture from pinterest is actually an eleventh reason to smile.

One - I have a job! Yes, it's true, I finally have something to do until university starts again. Oh, and it's full-time. And decently paid. And it's not breaking me down slowly.

Two - There is a small house available soon that we desperately want although we won't know for another two weeks.

Three - The first moving box is packed. I feel like I'm on a roll now.

Four - I am wearing my new lipstick that I received in my latest Glossybox. Fancy Sunday.

Five - In two weeks me and Steve celebrate three years of going out so I'm busy planning where we should have our anniversary meal.

Six - A customer praised me extra-nicely the other day at work and I was all "oh thank you but really it was nothing".

Seven - When my mom was over she gave me a vintage tea set, a new umbrella and a lovely white dress from House of Frasier.

Eight - I got my hair cut so that it's only to my collarbones and I'm very pleased to suddenly have hair that doesn't take ages to brush through.

Nine - I had a spectacular time going out with Steve's sisters last week for a birthday meal and then dessert to top it off. Got home at 11pm on a school night!

Ten - In line with a promise to myself to be healthier I've eaten salad everyday for lunch. Smugness self-afflicted. (Totally conflicting with reason no 9 that mentions dessert!)

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