Friday, 3 August 2012


Most of the time I probably understate this phase of my life. Sometimes when I feel a little down I wish I could fast-forward life another ten years until I'm at the point where I have a house, a steady income, marriage and all that. Because let's face it, it's not that fun eating pastabake three times a week just because it's so cheap. Or to think I'll not be able to paint the walls of my home for a very long time because I don't own them. Is this what I want? For these years to just be a transformational stage, the time in between moving away from home (exciting) and becoming an integral part of society (less exciting but surely satisfying). I don't want that. One day I'll think back on the things I wished I did when I was in my twenties before I was bound down by children and mortgage loans and neighborhood watch committees - and I'll wonder why I was in such a rush to get past these years.

This is the time for travelling, to live in cheap hotels, to walk longer than you thought was possible in an unfamiliar city and to go out for drinks without worrying about a bedtime. If possible, I would like to see at least one new place each year and it doesn't matter if it's fairly close or somewhere in Europe. It's the time for dressing up and going out at a rate that just can't possibly be healthy. It's for sleeping in on Sundays and having ice cream for dinner. I just want to feel certain that when I look back on my twenties it'll be on a time that I enjoyed as much as possible. That is what makes one ready for the next stage in life.

Steve wants to go to Manchester this autumn. Why not?

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